Strong - featuring Shirley Jones

Music video that tells the story of the songwriting collaboration between Angela and Cynthia Biggs El on the ballad "Strong" – sung by Shirley Jones of the Jones Girls in this Anthony Newett production.

Susan Lake: Home by Christmas

A moving Christmas ballad, written and produced by Angela and Bob Pecharo, and sung by Susan Lake.

Angela Falco: Here You Are Believing

A wonderful romantic fantasy ballad, written and produced by Angela and Alfred Goodrich.

Angela Falco: Love Me Today

A beautiful and romantic new wedding song, written by Angela with lyics by Bob Pecharo, and sung by Joe Mass.

Songwriting Shane: ELHAM (Inspiration)

Honored to be a part of a special video project by Songwriting Shane, "ELHAM" (Inspiration), featuring international women.

Angela Falco: College Music Appreciation Class

This video displays a college music appreciation class that Angela created to encompass her teaching style and includes educational information, fun activities, movement, and a live concert.

Angela Falco: Philadelphia Song Interview

Angela and other members of the creative team share their thoughts on the origins of, and the production process leading to, "Philadelphia" as well as the song's meaning to them.

Angela Falco: Tired of Doing Nothing All Day

"I was inspired to create this video by my 98 year old friend Marie. With the help of these very talented people, I was able to accomplish my goal... to make everyone smile :)"

Thanks to: Jay Davidson, Allan Slutsky Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Rob Hyman, John Senior, Susan Lake, Connie Rainis, Lynn & Eric Miller, Matt Spitko, Juan Kamuca, Rich Kelly, Bob Pecharo, David Uosikkinen, Heather Lee, Chico Huff, Nezih Antakli, Michael Ronstadt, Chris Zurzolo, Nathan James, Jeff "Blondie", and my dear brother - Jimmy Falco.

Photographer: Joe Amodei
Wardrobe/Makeup/Hair: Susan Lake
Assistant: Jim Falco