Unforgotten Toys

"Unforgotten Toys" was inspired by fond memories of playing with my childhood toys. I recall many happy hours spent playing either on the swings, inside the huge black tire sandbox, dressing Barbie dolls, or practicing my precious toy piano. Every two weeks my Mom helped me clean the big white toy box that was enclosed with a green, slate chalkboard. Oh, how I loved using the colored chalk to copy the alphabet letters painted at the top of the board! After cleaning together, our time was spent in the kitchen making a pie or favorite cookies using my miniature cooking utensils. When Dad returned home from a long day at work, dinner was served. Our special treat was fresh baked dessert served on my flowered china dishes and cups.

Fifteen years after college graduation, I saw Jim Gallagher, my former college professor at a dinner party. Everyone looked up to him, not only because he was over six feet (and I am just barely five feet), but because Jim was such a positive and successful professional in the music business. At the end of the party, Jim commented "Hey, I heard you are still writing. Let's record your new compositions." With the support of Jim Gallagher and Ted Greenberg, a talented musician and peer from college, we created "Unforgotten Toys".

Whenever I perform these compositions, I ask the audience to name a favorite toy from childhood. Consistently, bright smiles and an instant change of appearance may be seen in the audience. While listening to this music, I encourage you to reflect on your own "Unforgotten Toy" from childhood and share this topic with family, friends, or others. Watch closely as their facial expression changes before your eyes when they begin to name and perhaps elaborate upon their favorite childhood toy(s).


Precious, Precious Time I Winter's Flight
Unforgotten Toys I Would If I Could
Soundtrack to My Heart Much Too Much
Little Star Precious, Precious Time III
Hesitant Love Forbidden Innocence
Darkness into Day Lonely (Not Gonna Be Lonely Anymore)
Distant Thoughts Medley (Scarborough Fair/Canticle/The Sound of Silence)
Anna (To All Our Mothers) Precious, Precious Time IV
Precious, Precious Time II


Angela Falco – Flute, Piano, Keyboards
Jim Gallagher – Producer/Engineer
Ted Greenberg – Associate Producer/Engineer, French Horn, Percussion, Keyboards, Programming, Electric Upright Bass
Assistant Engineers – Tom Basmajian, Jeff Mullherin
Digital Editing – Joe Kraus
Recorded at TG Studios, Absecon, NJ
Mastering – Peter Humphreys, Masterworks, Philadelphia, PA
All songs composed by Angela Falco (Angela Falco Publishing, ASCAP) except the Medley (Scarborough Fair/Canticle – The Sound of Silence) licensed from Paul Simon Music BMI

Sincere Thanks: Jim Gallagher for believing in my music, Ted Greenberg & Peter Humphreys for their talent and support. This music is dedicated to my family and friends for always being there for me, and also to all the "Unforgotten Toys" of the world that provided joyful childhood moments that became fond memories in adulthood.

© 2013 Angela Falco, LLC

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Unforgotten Toys

An album featuring seventeen instrumental compositions.

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